Issues: “Round ‘em up”

Excerpt from an ALL-NEW provocative, online, multi-media piece SPECIAL REPORT: DRY AGE BEEF on the prolonged drought and its effect on the meat industry.

Just one example of the groundbreaking type of long-form journalism Meatingplace will deliver. The special report “DRY AGE BEEF” includes 6 chapters, each examining a specific facet of the issue; a half-dozen videos and interactive maps illustrating the drought's reverberations nationwide. Readers access video through the article’s website and the magazine's digital edition.

NEW! First Cut (replacing Trendlines ) is an interactive, buzzy, fun — and informative new section that addresses issues of interest/importance to readers.

Includes a timeline showing the development of a key ongoing story; a Q&A with an industry leader about what they've learned, in the industry and in life; a what's hot-what's not look at the previous weeks' coverage of meat in the mainstream press; an ask-the-editor department and infographics illustrating key statistics. This section will prompt readers to respond directly to our editors stimulating ongoing conversation.

Food Focus

REVAMPED AND AMPED UP- With more infographics and interesting factoids about the industry segment, we kept the overview of pertinent trends and developments that were of most interest to our readers.


END PRODUCT (replacing "In the kitchen") A compilation of data and factoids on a single topic. 

To see more of the interactive Meatingplace debuting this August, contact Bill Kinross, or your Meatingplace Account Executive today.

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