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HOTELS iPad Edition Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the HOTELS magazine app?
You can download the free app from the Apple iTunes store: Click here.

What’s included with the free app?
The app allows you to download and purchase individual issues of HOTELS that have been formatted and optimized for viewing on a tablet device. This includes supplemental content, such as videos, direct links to online recipes and other extras.

How do I download an issue of HOTELS?
Each issue within the app includes a “buy” button that will give you the option to either purchase that single issue, or buy a quarterly subscription.

What’ the difference between purchasing an individual issue and a subscription?
When you purchase an individual issue, you get just that—a single issue. You may delete and re-download that issue as many times as you wish. A subscription gives you unlimited access to our entire library—past, as well as future issues. You may download multiple issues as many times as you wish, as well as new issues as they become available.

How much does the iPad edition of HOTELS cost?
You can purchase individual issues of the magazine for $9.99, or a three-month, auto-renewing subscription for $17.99. All purchases are processed directly through your Apple iTunes account.

I have a free industry subscription to the print magazine. Why do I have to pay for the iPad edition?
The iPad edition is a premium product that contains extra content that has been optimized for seamless viewing on a tablet. Because of the additional resources required to offer this content, all readers must upgrade to a paid subscription to access the iPad edition.

However, the iPad edition is available at no extra charge for qualified digital magazine subscribers. If you have an existing paid or digital subscription and need instructions to access the iPad edition, click here.

I am registered on hotelsmag.com, but the app doesn’t recognize my login information.
iPad access is tied to your magazine subscription, not your website registration. Only paid or digital subscribers to HOTELS magazine qualify for free access to the iPad edition.

Do the issues expire?
No. Regardless of how you purchase the magazine, downloaded issues will remain active on your iPad until you delete them. However, if your subscription expires, you will not be able to re-download the deleted issues.

Will the app automatically update the magazine content?
No. Each issue must be downloaded individually.

Will the app notify me when a new issue of HOTELS is available?
Yes. The app will notify you whenever a new issue is available.

Can I share the iPad edition with friends?
No. There are currently no share features available.

I don’t have an iPad. Is HOTELS available for Android devices?
Not yet, but we hope to add an Android edition soon.

I’ve installed the app, but why is it taking so long to download individual issues?
Embedded videos and high-resolution photos create large files. Download times can vary widely depending on your data connection, Internet traffic, etc. Try to avoid peak traffic times (midday, Monday-Friday, etc.). WiFi is strongly recommended. Plug in your iPad to give it extra power. Finally, having too many apps operating simultaneously can slow things down. Try closing out some apps to free up memory and processor power.

I just reinstalled my app and now it no longer recognizes me.
On the newest version of the app, you’ll notice a padlock symbol in the upper right corner of your screen. Tap that padlock to enter your email address and the special password you were provided.

I have other questions. Where can I get help?
Send us an email. We’ll do our best to answer your questions.